#LaglagBala – The airport ordeal continues, in first-person photos

Bullet meme graphic from the Instagram account of “Lawstude”.

That globally recognized traveller’s nightmare called #LaglagBala continues with no end in sight. We scanned Instagram for some recent photographs (uploaded in the last 24 hours) from travellers that best illustrate this painful national embarrassment through first-person accounts.

The pickings were rich. We encountered loads of anger, frustration, posters of Duterte, and plenty of plastic cling wrap.

There is no indication when this is all going to end, but this could go on and on unless someone out there is annointed as a  sacrificial lamb and will take the fall.

I think it will be this guy. 

And now, on with the show:


Kids in tow? No alibi.


Incoming? Paranoia all the same from OFWs.


A lot of defiance.


Plastic wrap for all occassions.
















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Ready for you Pinas kong mahal 😊

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