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Do you want to get in touch? Well, as long as you’re not going to talk to me about yet another bank credit card or sell me insurance, it’s fine with me. I’m especially on the look out for business opportunities or new-fangled mobile products and services. Pitch me!

E-Mail: jimayson @

You can also follow me on Twitter, where I am @jimayson

On the PhilMusic Forums, you can PM me as JimAyson.

And who isn’t on Facebook nowadays? I’m there as well.


On Google+, I’m – Add +Jim Ayson to your circle!

My mobile number is in this QR code:

jim's number

3 thoughts on “Contact Info

  1. Hi Jim. Just stumbled on to your site via your Twitter profile. I remember your name from the early days of BBS’ing in ‘pinas in the 90s (showing my age I guess). Don’t think we ever met but we may have some mutual acquaintances from Ateneo. And my cousin works @ Smart too, in IT. Just started following you on Twitter ( 13thcylon – this’ll change once BSG is over here in the US).

  2. Jim,

    Hello! How are you and how have you been? All good, I’m hoping. When I have cycles (and if I remember), I try to see what’s new on, and I guess it’s but natural to jump over to I remember you when I was still in RP back in the early 80s BBSing. Puyatan. “The Chatterbox”, right? We even used to work one parking lot apart, me in Benguet Corp. and you in ADB. I’m in Canada now. Let’s keep in touch, and more power to you.

  3. Hello Jim
    I am compelled to write to you to inquire whether you purchased your Kindle online and had it shipped to you in PI. I live in NZ and I would like to send my bestfriend a Kindle for her birthday next week but I’m still leery of the courier services/postal services in PI. I was wondering if I send her one, would she be able to receive it? If you have gotten your Kindle through Amazon and it was delivered to you safely, this is good enough for me and I guess I’m going to proceed with my order. Any thoughts?


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