Tanim Bala: The Android Game that takes on the Great Bullet Scam (#LaglagBala)

“Magtanim ay di biro,” goes the traditional folk song about the hardships of planting rice. (This basically translates to “Planting is no joke”.) Well planting rice may  not be a joke, but planting bullets (“tanim bala”) is now officially a mobile game.

The indie game developer Kulit Games has just released their Android Game on Google Play. A fresh release, the game was just made available through the Google app marketplace on November 4. 

We’ve downloaded the game and installed it on a Xiaomi MI3. Our instant review: Bright graphics and a plot straight out of today’s headlines. You play a hapless traveller carrying your bag in the airport. The objective of the game is to avoid the rain of bullets being thrown at you by evil airport officials. If a bullet land on you, it gets planted in your bag, and – game over. Which is a reference of course to the current “Great Bullet Scam” (aka #LaglagBala) happening daily at the airports in Manila (and Davao, in at least one incident). 

Game play is pretty simple, but it’s not the point really. The development and release of the game is a statement in itself, showing that even the local Android developer community is pretty pissed off at the government’s handling of the controversy. 

We chronicled the international media reaction to this ridiculous scam in our last piece on The Great Bullet Scam. Now with the release of the Tanim Bala game, there’s a possibility that the word will get out to the tech media as well, particularly the blogs that cover Mobile apps, Android app development, and mobile games.

Well played, NAIA – pun intended.

Here are some screen captures of the game, now available for free download on Google Play. 





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