Because Rogue Demanded it: My List of the Top 25 Greatest OPM Songs of All Time

My former officemate Miguel Mari (ah, long story), who is currently one of the honchos at Rogue Magazine, recently conducted a Facebook survey among people who were/are in one way connected with the local music scene about their list of Top 25 All-time OPM songs of all time. Or as Kanye would have said, “OF ALL TIME!”

Now this is the type of topic that can lead to riots if brought up in the context of a drunken bar brawl because this is always highly subjective. What may be gold to you may be pure garbage to my ears. Tastes differ. Furthermore, there are gems in a specific genre (like pinoy hardcore punk) which won’t make the cut in a listing of songs that stretch cross all genres.

But let the chips fall where they may. Here are mine. I tried to be fair and made a selection that crossed over genres (whereas the typical pinoy rock diehard would focus only on Pinoy Rock). Some are quiet lullabies, some are arena anthems. I also tried to list them down as fast as possible. Most of them are from the 20th century, which is when I did most of my critical listening. And as this is my taste, I’m sure you have you have your own, so let’s agree to disagree.

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