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While NU107 was gasping for its last breath some months back, I wrote a series of blog posts suggesting that the best way for a niche-audience Philippine radio station was to go online – this way you eliminate the costs associated with running a broadcasting facility (the transmitters, the studio, etc) and concentrate on producing content. Second, by going full-on digital, you recapture the listeners that music radio has lost to digital media – i.e. iPods and internet audio streams.

A lot of people thought that NU 107 was still a great brand and that the only reason why it didn’t do well financially was crappy sales and marketing. But translated to other media, the brand and concept still had great value. So why not bring NU online?
Mike Pedero, a broadcast legend and founding father of stations NU107, 99.5RT, XB 102, Citylite 88.3, took note of my posts on Facebook and my blog and wrote back that the idea was not too far fetched. In fact, he pointed out that he was actually hatching a plan to revive the formats of some of these radio stations of days gone by on the internet.

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