The Troubles of Claire: The 419 spam drama takes a new twist

The Nigerian 419 spammers (or are they Indian in this case?) have spun off a new series. This should be made into a movie (called 419). 


Please don’t be offended with my impromptu message. I am Nirmala Kirloskar, India but now resident in the UK 5 years, I want to tell you of an investment management for Claire. I really pray that you could help out.

Before now that I make trade, I worked for sir Bryan Parker as caregiver for daughter Claire. Even after I stopped working for him, sir Bryan never ceased to talk with me, and he trusted me with many secrets. Recently I was told that he was very sick so I went to see him. During my visit to him, he asked me if I could help him care for his daughter always and I agreed. Then he asked me if I could get an investment manager for his daughter. He said it will help his daughter’s future by making good investment of his money. I could not say a thing because I do not know how to invest huge money neither do I have someone in mind; So, he asked me to get someone whom I can trust.

 Since I grew up not knowing family, now only with two kids and no husband, the only option is to look for someone intelligent to do an investment for Claire. My ex-boss was very rich man, but I can only tell amount after I have real talk with you. It might be in your name or your business.

 Please I do not know you, and I am not prepared to disappoint my ex-boss. Someone in market told me to use email and that is why I send to you. If you are a good investor and sincere person, please write back to me as soon as possible. My ex-boss’ daughter is now in a foster and I need to finish this at once so that I can have access to care for her. His lawyers insist on getting someone by themselves but if they do, I will fail my promise to my ex-boss. But I spoke to them to allow me find someone and hey gave me a chance and said they’ll let us know what to do when you respond. If you can do it reply me soon, if not just destroy email.


Nirmala K.,

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