IdeaSpace Technopreneur Bootcamp is coming to Ateneo de Manila on June 2!

IdeaSpace Ateneo is coming to Ateneo de Manila on June 2!

IdeaSpace: #Technopreneur Bootcamp @Ateneo De Manila is the first in a series of events for the promotion of technology entrepreneurship in the academe. Powered by Smart Communications, Inc. in partnership with IdeaSpace Foundation, Inc. (IdeaSpace), it is a whole day event where students, faculty and young alumni from different disciplines listen to industry experts and success stories, share ideas, participate in an app competition, pitch their ideas to a panel of experts and launch beginnings for possible start-up businesses, all in 12 hours!

In the IdeaSpace:#Technopreneur Bootcamps, participants from the sciences and engineering, business, the arts and other backgrounds are encouraged to sign up for the event where they will team up with each other to ideate about technology innovations that have potential for market success.

The IdeaSpace #Technopreneur Bootcamp series is a vehicle for IdeaSpace and Smart to bring down to the grassroots level the advocacy for successful technopreneurship. More than just technology, collaborative participation and innovation in all fronts are the keys to transforming ideas into reality.

This event is open only to Ateneans – college and post graduate students, faculty members, and recent alumni (graduated on or after March 2010). If you’re from the media or the investor community, please contact the organizers.

The event takes place on June 2 at the Rizal Mini-Theater, Ateneo de Manila, Loyola Heights, Quezon City.

Get more info and sign up here!

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