Buying The George Estregan Groove Explosion Online

There aren’t many music sites where you can find an album with the NSFW title “Tangina Mo, Andaming Nagugutom Sa Mundo, Fashionista Ka Pa Rin” – which was the actual title of the last Radioactive Sago Project album. Not on Amazon, not on Spotify. But it turns up as one of the items for sale on Terno Recordings’ new online store, being prepped up as a Chrome (read: HTML5) app, available on the Chrome Web Store.

Users of the Google Chrome browser in the Philippines who visit the Chrome Web Store site (the store detects the user’s location via an IP check) are now shown a localized menu screen that displays PH-developed Chrome apps (essentially HTML5 sites optimized for Chrome) that stand out among the plethora of titles in the store.

The Terno Recordings app is apparently still a work in progress, but we understand it will soon enable online purchasing through means apart from credit cards, such as mobile payment platforms. This is significant considering credit card penetration in the Philippines is still quite low – with only 3% penetration according to some estimates.

“Tangina Mo, Andaming Nagugutom Sa Mundo, Fashionista Ka Pa Rin” – which incidentally could be used as a slogan by #OccupyWallStreet protesters – was notable for such stellar hits such as “Wasak na Wasak”, “The George Estregan Groove Explosion”, “Superhatdog”, and “Mambo Rat” and its tasteful cover graphics depicting a giant human brain being dissected. The album was the spoken word-meets-punk/funk/jazz group’s second album with the indie label Terno Recordings.

Kudos to app developer Codeflux and Terno Recordings for attempting to break new ground. No doubt George Estregan himself would be proud.

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