SMART Evolution LTE open for beta testing: Fastest 4G network in the Philippines goes online

This is hot off the digital presses – in fact it’s so hot you’ll need flame resistant gloves to handle.

We just got the word that SMART’s LTE network – SMART Evolution – is now open for beta testing by a select group of power users who will be willing to try out the setup and give the operator their impressions.

Potential speed demon guinea pigs can check out the best test sign up form here:

How fast is this baby? Judging from the initial roll out in Boracay held Holy Week 2011, expect speeds of up to 42 Mbps in areas covered by the LTE rollout.

Lucky beta testers will be given an LTE modem (which plugs into a USB port) to try out the network on bandwidth intensive applications such as High Def video streaming and downloads. It’s a taste of the ultra-fast bandwidth found in other countries – and this is now in the PH.

Actual details for the beta test are yet to be revealed. But if I were you, I’d sign up for the program first and ask questions later.

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