Welcome Home To “The World’s Worst Airport”

It never gets old. After a long tiring trip back to the Philippines, the traveller arriving at NAIA Terminal 1 is confronted with the inevitable chaos: a mass of people at Immigration (queues, what queues?) and even more chaos at the baggage claim.

Some website that rates airports on their suitability for sleeping in terminals rated this “The World’s Worst Airport. I haven’t tried to sleep here yet but just from the arrival experience alone, NAIA 1 easily romps off with the “World’s Worst” tag many times over.

While Asian neighbors have catapulted their airports well into the 21st Century (often leaving American airports choking on their dust), Manila remains mired as a Third World Airport stuck in the early 80s – which is probably the last time this terminal saw any improvement.

Coming from a business trip, I snapped a few scenes of the chaos that greets the arriving traveller. One day things will get better. Yes, when hell gets some air-conditioning maybe.

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