The Story of Angry Birds: Straight from Rovio’s Mouth

This is a video I shot sometime May 2010 while attending a BizTech Mobile talk in San Francisco. It’s a video of the Angry Birds story, as told in a talk by the Rovio guys themselves. I only got around to editing the video and uploading the video now – but well, better late than never. 

Biztech Mobile is a periodically scheduled talk where mobile entrepreneurs get together and listen to other entrepreneurs talk about their experiences in the industry. It’s pretty inspiring, especially for startups who learn about what the successful companies went through in their early days.

This must have been quite an action packed session in retrospect because the founders of Foodspotting were present to talk about their app, as well as people from Rovio, who came to talk about their most popular product – Angry Birds of course,

These were still relatively early days for the game. At this time Angry Birds was just 18 months old and was already a rip-roaring success. The Rovio guys (mostly ex-Nokia hands) had flown into the Bay Area from Finland to attend the Google I/O conference at the Moscone Center in San Framcisco. They had just  announced the HTML5 version of the game which was made available on the first edition of the  Chrome Web Store, which had just made its debut back then.

The Angry Birds Story is always an interesting case study of a mobile game that rose from humble beginnings to become the most popular mobile game in the world and more – to one of the world’s leading consumer brands, beloved by audiences, retailers, and pirates alike.

The latest stat being bandied around is that Angry Birds had made it to 500 Million downloads in two years. More on this from GigaOM.

Some additional stats about Angry Birds mentioned in the GigaOM post:

It’s been #1 in 79 countries
Players have already gone through 266 billion levels
Players have flung 400 billion birds
Players have collected 44 billion stars
Players have played collectively 200,000 years in total
Players were collectively playing 300 million minutes daily

Given all these achievements, I consider myself lucky to capture this video from Angry Birds’ relatively early days, while Rovio was still basking in the early taste of success.

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