SMART Always ON + Operamini present “Win a Mini”

SMART’s “Always On” volume-based data plans combined with the Operamini browser have always been a good match. The Volume-based plans provide mobile internet at an affordable price, and the Operamini browser (available for Java, Symbian, Android, and iOS) utilize caching and up to 90% data compression for a highly optimized mobile web surfing experience – even on a poor data connection. 

The Operamini browser also stretches your data volume allocation. The data compression ensures that you can do more with your data plan. We’ve seen users on a Volume plan switch to Operamini for web browsing and only use as little as 40MB of data for an entire month.

So it’s not such a big surprise that the two have teamed up – SMART is the exclusive sponsor of Operamini in the Philippines, and one of the fruits of this team up is a joint promotion – the “Win a Mini” promo kicking off today.

Downloading and using OperaMini and signing up for a SMART “Always On” data package gives you raffle points that can enable you to win an “Opera Red” Mini Cooper.

Operamini users on SMART will see a special button on the default speedbutton screen that allows users to view a page (available only to Operamini users) with all the promo mechanics.

Here’s a diagram of the contest procedures:

This isn’t the first time Operamini used a MINI Cooper in a promotion. Here’s a video of a promotion that took place in Barcelona, Spain in 2003:

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