SMART Extends its Facebook Mobile App for Java Trial All the Way Till October 31

They said it was going to be free. And they were right. They said the free trial was going to last until October 14. But in that case, they were absolutely wrong. Because in a dramatic turn of events, tantamount to a mobile internet product manager momentarily taking leave of his senses, SMART’s Facebook for Java Mobile App free trial has been extended all the way till the end of the month, to October 31.

That’s right, Facebook nation. If you belong to the smartphone-deprived 95% of the nation’s mobile phone population, why let the upper 5% have all the fun – the fun of using mobile apps for social networking that is.

Facebook’s Mobile App for Java allows the previously lowly feature phone – who just happens to have mobile internet, a web browser, and the ability to run java apps – to run a full featured app from Facebook itself. Thus giving feature phone users a taste of the convenient app-driven mobile lifestyle enjoyed by the upper crust with their iPhones, Androids, Blackberries and other tools of the capitalist class.

Forget those graphics-challenged Facebook Zeroes. The Facebook Mobile app for Java is a full fledged Facebook client. Users can manage status updates, leave comments, reply to comments, check notifications, read and respond to private inbox messages, “Like”, upload photos, view photo albums, and all the accoutrements  of a Facebook app, using the phone you already own – which based on studies is most likely to be the feature phone you already use for texting and calling. Facebook claims 2,500 Java capable handsets are supported. A partial listing of compatible phones compiled by Facebook is posted on SMART’s Facebook app FAQ page here.

And best of all it’s FREE – free to download, free to use by SMART customers, until October 31. Thanks to a close partnership with Facebook, SMART has decided to offer this for free for a limited period. No internet charges to pay, just download, install, and Facebook away. Greet your friends, leave a funny comment, take a photo, spread a meme. You can absolutely go to town with this – right till October 31.

Complete details of the offer are posted here.

In a nutshell, let’s assumed you checked out your phone, established that it has a web browser (and can thus access the internet). Just to be on the safe side you can test it by accessing the Smart mobile portal at – go on try it, that’s free (no internet charges).

Having established that, you can get the Facebook mobile app download link by texting FB to 211. This sends a free SMS to the phone with the link to (well the SMS does save you the trouble of typing that).

And here’s a video that explains what its all about if, like me, you happen to like videos.


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