Get Real: People still believe the DPWH is suing Adobe

Sometimes you just want to shake your head. A random search through Twitter tonight reveals that a lot of people still believe that satirical blog post that says the DPWH is suing Adobe for bad performance of Photoshop.

I guess I tried to do my part with this think piece I published on this blog. Even GMA News’ site had their own say (“Read More: Why You Should Really Click This Link“) but people will still believe what they want to believe.

In an ideal world, people actually read the whole article in the URL of a tweet before RT’ing or commenting. Well that world is the Planet Zorba. Not this one.

Here are a few zingers picked up from tonight’s fishing expedition:

Idiots. DPWH sues Adobe, Inc. for Photoshop disaster. It’s not about the software. It’s about the people who use it.
October 5, 2011
DPWH sues Adobe Inc. for “Photoshop” disaster hahahaha.. stupid
October 4, 2011
DPWH sues ADOBE photoshop to be specific #aytanga
October 4, 2011
DPWH is trying to sue ADOBE because the pictures they put up looked fake! WTF?!?! EPIC FAIL!
October 4, 2011
DPWH to sue Adobe due photoshop incident, saying it was defective??? DPWH MGA BOBO KAYO
October 4, 2011
DPWH sues Adobe for photoshop disaster. HAHA! Sila pa yung magrereklamo. They should just shut up.
October 4, 2011
@superstarmarian how bout your thoughts on planking and issue ng dpwh with adobe? :p
October 4, 2011
Dear DPWH, I wonder where did your brains went? To your balls? #EtoAngMgaTunayNaIndio
October 3, 2011
DPWH calling @Adobe products “defective” thats insanely hilarious. =))
October 3, 2011
PFFFFFFTTT! Face and admit your faults and don’t blame them to Adobe Photoshop! I’m so disgusted, DPWH!
October 3, 2011
People are ranting on the “Anti-Angry Birds Law” & “DPWH sues Adobe Inc.” Those are fake news guys, from a satire. Ever heard of The Onion?
October 3, 2011

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