The Great DPWH Photoshop Meme joins Rickrolling, LOLcats, and Dramatic Chipmunk at Online Meme Database

Well those three DPWH guys sure get around. Just today we found out they made it to the Daily Telegraph in London. It’s an article filed by Ian MacKinnon titled “Philippine Photoshop Goes Viral” featuring all the usual facts about the case.

Officials in the department said that the photomontage had been intended for an internal publication and had been posted by mistake.

But the furore reached as high as President Benigno Aquino’s office when his spokesman said today (MON) that the “overeager employee” who had taken it upon himself to post the image had been suspended.

Yet the damage has already been done. Wags have set up a rival Facebook page – DPWHere – with a helpful picture of the three engineers on a blank background so that they can be dropped into a setting of choice.

The DPWH trio has also been spotted in the definitive meme database, a site founded in 2007 now operated by Ben Huh’s Cheezburger Network.

In this site, the DPWH meme is known as Floating Filipino Government Officials and is currently still in the process of being updated.

The DPWH meme’s entry into the veritable shrine of Internet memes brings it to the same home as classic Internet memes such as Rickrolling, Keyboard Cat, Dramatic Chipmunk, Chocolate Rain, and Rebecca Black’s Friday.

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