The Great DPWH Photoshop Meme: The Official Apology

As the hilarious DPWH Photoshop meme rolls through the interwebs this morning, the department tries to do some damage control. This was tweeted by the @DPWHCO account today at 10:23 AM:

The statement on Facebook reads:

DPWH OFFICIAL STATEMENT ON THE PHOTO POSTED IN THE DPWH FACEBOOK ACCOUNT: The DPWH Public Information Division wish to inform the public that Undersecretary Romeo S. Momo, DPWH NCR Director Reynaldo G. Tagudando and South Manila District Engineer Mike Macud had nothing to do with the earlier photo posted in the DPWH Facebook Account. We profusely apologize for any inconvenience that may have caused them and the general public. Rest assured that we shall exert more diligence and prudence in the execution of our mandate to inform the public of our plans, programs, projects and official activities. Said enhanced photo was not the official photo release of the Department. But we would like to inform the public that the three officials were actually on site as part of the Department’s Post Disaster Assessment activities.
They still haven’t given a reason for the “photo enhancement” however, or who did it. Heads will roll!

6 thoughts on “The Great DPWH Photoshop Meme: The Official Apology

  1. Facebook records the date/time of all its entries. Reviewing these date/time records on the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH Central Office) FB account will show attempts of cover-up. Consider the following:-

    12:12 pm, Sept 28, 2011 – Based on the screen shot in the 2011/09/28/dpwh-photoshop-fail blog of Pierre Albert San Diego, the DPWH FB posted a picture showing 3 DPWH officials with the caption “DPWH INSPECTS COLLAPSED SEAWALL AT ROXAS BOULEVARD. DPWH Undersecretary Romeo S. Momo with NCR Director Reynaldo G. Tagudando and South Manila District Engineer Mikunug D. Macud inspect the extent of damaged seawall in Baywalk along Roxas Boulevard caused by Typhoon Pedring.” Pierre in that blog pointed out discrepancies in the picture that clearly showed the picture was “photoshopped”.

    12:29 pm, Sept 28, 2011 – DPWH deleted that post replacing it with a picture of two DPHW officials in Roxas Blvd. The picture carries the original caption of the deleted photo where 3 names were mentioned. But the photo shows only 2 people, the one with the red jacket is missing. The one in white polo barong now wears a hard hat when in the former picture, his head was bare. A number of remarks flooded the Internet regarding this new picture, some saying that this is also doctored.

    8:20 pm, Sept 29, 2011 – the DPWH FB posted another picture with the same caption as above. This picture showed the 3 DPWH officials as in the original (deleted) photo. While in that photo Manila Bay was on the RIGHT side of the picture frame, this “official” photo shows the bay on the LEFT side.

    9:37 pm, Sept 29, 2011 – DPWH public relations officer Andro Santiago told that the original photo had been posted by mistake, adding that the minute they realized the mistake, they immediately replaced it with the official photo release. “After about two minutes, the photo was deleted. The official photo release was posted,” said Santiago, stressing that the official photo was genuine and “Photoshop was not used (the picture was not retouched)”. Yet, FB records show that the second photo (which was questionable) was posted around 20 minutes after the first and the third photo very much later by around 32 hours.

    Now come the QUESTIONS:-

    1. Why did it take 32 hours for the “official” picture to come out, if it was available during the original posting?
    2. Where is the original photo that was the source of the “failed photoshop”? When this happened in China, the authorities simply published the original “un-photoshop” picture with a public apology. Why couldn’t the DPWH do the same?
    3. Could it be that the original photo did not actually occur and was “photoshopped” to show 3 DPWH officials when in fact there were only two in the scene?
    4. Did the 32 hours mysterious gap between the original picture and the “official” photo gave chance for the 3 DPWH officials to “stage” a photo session so that the “photoshopped” picture can now be realized and they can claim that the picture was not retouched, except that they forgot to put Manila Bay at the RIGHT side of the picture frame?
    5. If this is the case, which is the bigger sin, the “photoshopped” picture done by some staff in DPWH, or the “staged” photo session done by the DPWH officials?

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