Cool Video: Social Media in the Workplace

I’ve been looking for a primer for a long time to explain how social media fits into the modern corporation (or any organization for that matter). The concept of the “social corporation” has been slagged around the buzzword scene for so long, I just had to figure it out myself.

It’s a wild concept to wrap your head around, especially if you’ve been hobbled by conventional thinking for so long. But this 13-minute short film called Social Media @ Work I found on Vimeo from  UK-based communications consultants Red Sky Vision gets it, and does a fine job of explaining it so we can all finally grok this.

So here it is – It’s not about marketing or advertising, it’s not even just a communications strategy. It’s the whole conversation between the organization and third parties, and within the organization among employees. It’s not just emanating from a traditional corporate communications group, it’s everybody in the organization.

From the press release for the film:

Businesses that fail to adopt strategies for social media run the risk of
missing tangible economic benefits that such technologies can bring
through engaging with individuals both inside and outside the workplace. The finding
forms one of the key conclusions discussed in a new film, launched today, that lifts
the lid on the benefits of peer-to-peer business communication.

Despite the burgeoning consumer use of social networking technologies, many
businesses have been slow to pick up on the huge benefits that social networking can
bring and remain cautious over the adoption of peer-to-peer communication.

The film, entitled, Social Media @ Work and co-produced by content creators, Red
Sky Vision, and change consultancy, Able and How, highlights the impact that social
media is having in the workplace and proposes that those organisations who choose
to ignore it are failing to recognise the benefits it can bring and falling behind the
businesses where more innovative communication is embraced.

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