Tweets of Friday’s Globe Network Downtime

Globe Telecom’s network went on the fritz Friday evening with some customers complaining about delayed SMS until Saturday night. Tweets started surfacing describing customers’ frustration about the downtime affecting SMS and calls.. This is a partial chronology thru Twitter comments.

RT @bry_rios: Globe Telecom’s system is down? WTF?! Like Americans, I badly expect courtesy credits for this #LOL
September 17, 2011
3G sucks too! RT @harold_geronimo: Globe sucks tonight. I’m fed up. SMS delayed. Calls are busted.
September 17, 2011
Globe sucks tonight. I’m fed up. SMS delayed. Calls are busted.
September 17, 2011
Pansin ko lang, madalas mag-down ang Globe network ngayon. Hmm.
September 17, 2011
What’s up with Globe lately? Been receiving late sms and couldn’t text because my network connection says “No Service” @talk2GLOBE
September 16, 2011

And the complaints keep coming…
sucks no? RT @deltashockwave What’s happening. I can’t send sms or even call anyone! c’mon #globe! I need to make calls now. #notnowplease
September 16, 2011
Im unable to call or send sms on my globe sim! damn, anyone having d same prob?
September 16, 2011
WADAFAKKK Globe? Still can’t send SMS!!
September 16, 2011
@julienayve topak yung globe. What’s was ur sms bout?
September 16, 2011
Smart to Globe SMS – no problem. Globe to Smart SMS – no problem. Globe to Globe SMS – problem!
September 16, 2011
ha ha! we’ve sent out an alert (SMS yun), notifying na di nakaka-SMS o call ang globe ngayon.
September 16, 2011
OMG! I just received an SMS from @cottonmatch that she sent 9:00pm earlier this evening. WTH is wrong with Globe?
September 16, 2011
Globe,this is a sign2downgrade my plan.Can’t send&receive sms bt BBM social working fine.I wish u would take care of ur loyal POSTPAID subs.
September 16, 2011
Hard to call and send sms! Wazzup Globe?
September 16, 2011
@estoylouie mahaba eh send ko n lng uli sa bbm..mga text nkkrcv ka? Down daw globe eh
September 17, 2011
@andrew_garcia Hey Globe down! Pls just tweet 🙂
September 16, 2011
Dragon Nest server is down, Globe mobile network is down.. #BUM
September 16, 2011
@enjoyGLOBE — am definitely not enjoying GLOBE ryt now!.. my service is down,, particularly calls and sms.. and so are my frnds’ #Fail
September 16, 2011
@jinri_88 globe 3g not working for me.. Had to switch down to gsm to get signal
September 16, 2011
globe is also down in greenhills. no calls, no text
September 16, 2011
@hiroroii Globe is going down. Parati na lang silang may topak. -_-
September 16, 2011
@lilshali Globe is down. :/
September 16, 2011
wtf!Globe telecom!system down on a friday???
September 16, 2011
RT @HecklerForever: can’t send messages. globe! what’s up? or down?
September 16, 2011
Hey globe are you still down ?
September 16, 2011
@enjoyGLOBE Is Globe down? I Can’t call or text. Sayang naman ang unlimited ko.
September 16, 2011
@mggykills globe is just down at the moment. Everyone’s been complaining.
September 16, 2011
Apparently Globe’s network problems have been going on for days…
dili ko mka send sms chesk. tsk. hanu mn ning globe.. @ktcp10
September 14, 2011
#Globe, my friends do not seem to be receiving any of my SMS, nagtataka sila bakit di ako nagrereply. Grrr…
September 13, 2011
My goodness Globe. 15 SMS just came to me after like 6 hours. Asdhshlhjl. Annoying.
September 12, 2011
@talk2GLOBE nagloloko na naman ang globe! Delayed SMS and poor Bb signal!!!!
September 11, 2011
Am I the only one experiencing a downtime when receiving SMS from Globe? Oh c’mon. How are you supposed to defeat Smart with such services?!
September 11, 2011
@caughtinablur @rageniikura may topak ata GLOBE last night eh. I got @neptunerune’s SMS asa bahay na ko. LOL. mga past 12 na.
September 10, 2011

And finally, here’s an ironic advertisement for an SMS service…

Easily send SMS blasts to thousands of your customers with TxTConnect.
September 12, 2011

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