Still Free on SMART: Facebook Mobile App for Java feature phones

Somewhat overshadowed by the move to smartphones, feature phones still make up the vast base of mobile users out there. Not quite a basic “monochrome” GSM phone, but not quite a “smartphone” the color-screen featurephone represent the entry level internet-ready phone out there, capable of connecting to mobile internet and running apps, just not those fancy apps you see on Androids, iPhones, and Blackberries (which is something of a feature phone on steroids itself).

The Facebook mobile app revolution that has come to the feature phone set through Facebook’s acquisition of the Israel-based Snaptu, rolls merrily along with continued support for the Facebook Mobile App for free on selected mobile operators around the world, including SMART.

The app is still Free to download and use for the large base of Java-capable feature phones out there.

To download the app, SMART users can text the command FB to 211 to receive instructions for downloading the app.

Standard smartphone-like app Facebook features such as inbox messages, news feeds, profiles, comments, photo uploads, and groups are supported. Fo a more comprehensive description, check out the FAQ compiled by SMART here.

Facebook claims support for 2,500 phones, which run the gamut from Nokia, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and even China-manufactured phones running the MTK chipset (more popularly known through brands like Cherry Mobile, MyPhone, Torque, Olive, and the like).

Facebook has compiled a partial list of supported phones that can be viewed  here.

The free trial for the Facebook mobile app runs through October 2011.

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