The Samsung Galaxy Note is either a Jumbo Smartphone or a Miniature Tablet

Ever since I started using the original 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab, I found myself preferring its handy size and light weight over the “industry standard” Apple iPad. I continue to use both,  but the iPad takes a certain amount of logistical preparation if you decide to take it with you, and it’s just too damn heavy. By contrast, the 7 inch Tab easily fits into a bag and is light as a feather.

The consequence is that the iPad has been relegated to more of a home device, but the Tab is the more mobile of the two.

My smartphone (a HTC Sensation) has a powerful processor and a fairly large (by phone standards) 4.3” screen. But it’s still smaller than a tablet. When reading an ebook or Facebook page, you still have to squint to read the type. For me, this is less pogi points on the comfort scale.

But simply by virtue of being smaller,  lighter, and hence more portable, the smartphone wins every time because it’s the gadget you always have with you.

But just announced at the IFA 2011 show in Berlin is the Samsung Galaxy Note. With a 5.3” screen, an inch bigger than my current 4.3” device. It’s either a very large smartphone or an extremely compact tablet.

This could be the answer to my needs, assuming it fits my “shirtpocket test”. Will it be thin and light enough to fit comfortably in my shirt pocket?

(What’s with that retro stylus though – so Windows Mobile circa 2001…)

Overall, the 5.3″ screen for me, just seals the deal.

Actually, the recently killed Dell Streak 5 was the original 5-inch Android device, but really, a Dell? I can’t remember a time when a Dell mobile device ever made an impact. And the death of the Streak 5 confirmed it.  But with Samsung coming on strong in the smartphone space, the Galaxy Note may be setting a new trend. With that gorgeous Samsung display, people will notice.

I predict that by 1Q 2012, 5.3”smartphone displays will be all the rage.


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