New HP Concept Store Opened Today: Did someone miss the memo?

Hewlett-Packard’s PC division is the leader in the global PC business. But in a “post-PC” world, this is a business that is headed for oblivion, at least according to the top brass running this company. In a stunning announcement last week, HP announced it was dumping the division and putting it up for sale. A recent news item valued the business at $8 Billion. Who would buy it? Possibly Lenovo, who previously bought IBM’s tech business. Or maybe Samsung might be interested.

Whoever eventually gets to own HP’s PC business, none were probably more surprised at the turn of events than the management of the PC division itself, who reportedly found out the news after the press announcement went out. HP employees were the last to know.

That may explain why a new HP “Premium Concept Store” opened today at SM Megamall. Announced on the website, the new store opened at 10:30 am on August 24. Judging from the photo, the store contains HP desktop, laptops, and peripherals (such as their venerable line of printers). But presumably no Veer smartphones or the elusive HP Touchpad!

The announcement of the new store sparked some speculation online. How long will the store last? For that matter, how long is their SM Megamall lease? Will they sell any HP Touchpads for 100 dollars? How about 100 pesos? 

Speaking of the HP Touchpad, despite its short life (just 49 days on the market), we were impressed that it did go out in a blaze of glory, selling out in just a few days when the price dropped to a $100 a tablet at US Best Buy locations.

Journeyman developer Migs Paraz, currently in the US on business, snapped this photo of a sign (now possibly a historic image) at a Best Buy location and posted it on his Google+ account.

The sign soberly stated that the tablet was sold out and will not likely make a reappearance again.

Too bad we won’t see those $100 tablets at the HP Concept Store in Megamall.

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