No More WebOS, No More Pacquiao HP Commercials

If you woke up this morning to the shocking news that HP was killing off its Palm WebOS products (such as the HP Veer smartphone and the HP Touchpad), join the club. I was flabbergasted. Palm did have its base of hardcore fans (thanks to the long line of Palm PDAs and the popular Treo phones) and HP was looked up to as a chance to continue the legacy.  Sadly this did not come to be, and another tech brand with a history just bit the dust.

Later in the afternoon we were stunned once again, this time due to the news that HP wanted out of the PC business alogether. For myself this was a revelation made all the more poignant by the fact that I’m typing this on an HP Elitebook laptop, one of a long line of corporate IT workhorses churned out by Hewlett-Packard (will that classic brand bite the dust as well?).

But the killer for many pinoys? No more Manny Pacquiao HP commercials.

The pint-sized “pound for pound best fighter in the world” made an impact with his own HP Veer and Touchpad commercials, especially for delivering the knock-out punch lines at the end of the commercials like “Little Guys Can Pack a Panch!”

It was a nice step up from having to wear the Ricoa Cocoa logo emblazoned on his ass. But this may open up the door to future tech endorsements:

“Hi, I’m Manny Pacquaio and I love the Epol Ipad Tree!”

So all in all, OK lang.


Manny Pacquiao for the HP Veer:



Manny Pacquiao for the HP Touchpad:



And to bring down the curtain once and for all, here is Lea Michele singing “Let Me Entertain You” (from Gypsy) for the HP Touchpad…


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