Billshock Post Du Jour

Every now and then, I come across a modern-day horror story about billing experiences, commonly known as “bill shock”. This one popped up today on Abe Olandres’ blog and I almost got a heart attack while reading it.

The lesson here – know how to control your smartphone and know how to turn data off. There is probably an iPhone lurking in this story somewhere.

There is a new comment on the post “Globe 3G: 5 Pesos Internet and Disconnection Charges”.

Author: MS.Wong
I just want to share with you the same experience, im using postpaid sim , under corporate account, for seven years I never experience such huge amount of billing.  Last November 2010, my HR approach me about my globe billing and found out that it was incurred a Php18K , internet usage is 10k which I have to pay thru payroll deduction, I was so shocked about it but I cant do anything bec I know that I used my sim for internet connection in my house but i only used it once, so Im still bothered and cant accept the fact that I have to pay Php10K wow.  Me and my husband are still not comfortable for that huge internet charges, so we went to globe service center in sm southmall on Dec 31, the customer rep is not giving us the full details bec the full detailed report is not downloaded yet in the system, so we went home thinking the next bill might be adjusted.  Until Jan 5, 2011 , we still want to have an assurance and we found out that my December billing already incurred PHP 130K , hah! we are so shocked and I feel so cold and abt to fall in my seat when I heard that, cust rep says for 2days, Globe is charging me for Php 130K, NO WAY! thats why me and my husband is searching the same thing Ive experienced thru this.  I just hope that the act rep who handles our company’s acct can help me bec if not we will definitely raised this up to higher authority NTC, DTI,Senate etc.  Hope we can help each other as we have the same sentiment with GLOBE!  btw, my officemate is a new victim having been billed with PHP28K for internet usage.  We are all victim we should not pay them for this.  they have to fix their problem , we are being trapped with their system, P.15/KB ridiculous if we are aware of time browsing but still too high for me. PLEASE we can help each other and stop this modus of Globe.

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