Tron Legacy was dumb – but also quite fun in spite of its dumbness

I finally got a chance to see Tron Legacy last night. 3D films at the Greenbelt theaters always give me headache (the glasses they provide are usually a poor fit) so I decided to see the film in the 2D version for PHP 100 less than the price of three dimensional nirvana.

As expected, the visual theatrics of this sequel were outstanding (they certainly cost enough). But quite unexpectedly, the story was dumber than I thought it would be, with dialogue that was equally as bad. I saw the original film years ago, and even by the standards of the day it was really corny science fiction. I may need to see the film again – in IMAX this time, just to revel in the special effects, but I’ll also need to check my brain at the door.

The original 1982 film depicted the idea of being a program trapped inside a computer. But this was all before films like The Matrix came along to cheapen the idea. The best film to mine this tired old concept of life inside a network was ironically “The Social Network”. After all,  millions of people live inside the Facebook universe already.

I saw the original Tron again recently. Seen from 2010, I rather enjoyed the cheesy special effects, and the story was less frightening than it was hilarious, especially if you view the film through the perspective of the early “microcomputer” era – when Apple III’s were considered the state of the art, and an operating system called CP/M was around (control program for microcomputers = master control program, the baddie in the original movie, get it?). 

Despite the tired old concepts, no doubt the most enjoyable element of the new film (apart from copious views of Olivia Wilde) was the spectacle of watching today’s Jeff Bridges playing himself – or at least Bridges in the full tilt “Dude” mode of that classic 1998 Coen brothers film “The Big Lebowski.” Complete with quotes like, “Don’t mess with my Zen thing, man.”

Can’t wait to see Bridges in the new Coen brothers film “True Grit”…  man.

Here for your entertainment is the original 1982 film’s trailer, resplendent in all its unintentional cheesiness:

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