Now That’s a Tourism Campaign: The DOT “Come Home” Christmas Ad Circa 2007

In all the hubbub over the Department of Tourism’s week in the controversy spotlight (it took just about  a week for the controversy to run its course, starting from the launch of the ill-fated slogan “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” to the resignation of DOT Under Secretary Enteng Romano), it’s easy to forget that the DOT did run some really good campaigns back in the day.

This is a Christmas commercial that ran in 2007 when the DOT teamed up with the telco SMART Communications who produced a series of ads through the agency DM9 JaymeSyfu. The campaign revolved around the theme of “The Philippines: Your Home in Asia“. For Christmas, this commercial picked up the theme of the Philippines as a place to come home to – obviously a play to the heartstrings of overseas Filipinos. The ad also made excellent use of pop-jazz pianist David Benoit’sLand of the Loving” – a tune probably totally obscure everywhere else but the Philippines where jazz fusion (and especially the recordings of Mr. Benoit) were an FM radio staple.

Unlike other campaigns, this one was less about scenery, beaches, all the tourism cliches. This one focused on the warmth of the people, and towards the end, our Christmas traditions. The warm invitation to come home by then DOT Secretary Ace Durano effectively concludes the ad.

If you’re an overseas pinoy, tell me that this commercial doesn’t make you all wistful for the Philippines all of a sudden.

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