Pilipinas Kay Ganda: Top 10 Quotes About the Brouhaha

“It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.” Whether in opera or in real life, that’s what they always tell us. So in the case of the swirling controversy over the selection of the new Philippine tourism travel slogan, we were a bit excited to to see the massive image of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago (a lot plumper than we remember) on TV giving us her latest nuggets of wisdom, hopefully providing us some indication that this 24-hour news cycle that had inexplicably lasted over 48 hours would be over. She had us on the edge of our seats, awaiting the first note.

But all she sang was that the logo “… is ignorant, and ignorance is boring.” Hello, National Geographic tagline yun ah. Well at least we know what cable channel she watches. And that she drives an 8-cylinder car.

Update: I thought that the DOT could finally sweep this under the rug now that the DOT’s digital guy Under Secretary Enteng Romano took the fall for his boss and accepted responsibility for the now-dead-and-buried “beautifulpilipinas.com” website. It’s all here, in a heartfelt apology posted on Facebook this morning.

Just like in business, the IT guy always gets the blame, eh?  But wait, no one was owing up to the new slogan and allegedly plagiarized logo that still keeps the cauldron simmering. No one has accepted responsibility for approving and pushing “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” and the logo allegedly plagiarized from Poland.  Could it be because this is a key strategic element and that the buck stops nowhere but the top? Guys, if you want to kill this story, kill the story already!

So since the story isn’t swept under the rug yet (yes, we can still see and smell it), here are Top 10 Quotes about the PKG brouhaha that were amassed over the past 24 hours from everyone from politicians and bloggers, who had their chance to say their barbs and zingers while the spotlight’s still on them.

[Cue Paul Schaffer and the CBS Orchestra…]


10. “Pilipinas Kay Ganda is, I think, ignorant and ignorance is boring.” Miriam Santiago, avid National Geographic channel viewer.

09. “Let’s start some neurons in our brains working. Their neurons are not working. They are not on full eight cylinders. They are on two cylinders.” Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago, still riffing on a theme.

08. “If you ask me, I think somebody is drinking on the job,” Sen. Miguel Zubiri.

07. “If ‘Wow Philippines’ ain’t broke, why fix it?” Rep. Teddy Casino, on Twitter.

06. “Pilipinas, Patay Kang Bata Ka.” – @GSChan, after learning the slogan’s logo was copied from the Polish tourism logo.

05. “The new DOT slogan ‘Pilipinas Kay Ganda’ is like the billboard message of Ricky Reyes’ ads, Ganda ng Lola Mo!” – Rep JV Ejercito’s Twitter account.

04 “Paano naman ‘yong Kapuso at Kapatid? Para kasing ‘Ganda ng Lola Mo.’ Hindi mo malaman kung morning show o si Ricky Reyes ang nag-coin.” – Rep JV Ejercito, expanding on his pa-cute tweet, as quoted by ABS-CBN.

03 “My Apologies to the Polish National Tourist Office. I’m really sorry for calling your logo a Google Doodle.” – Spanky Enriquez, the guy who blew the whistle about the Polish logo rip-off. He called the DOT’s new logo a Google Doodle.

02 “Hindi nga na-research ‘yon… wala kasi kaming alam sa mga porn sites eh” – Tourism Secretary Alberto Lim, commenting on the similarity of the beautifulpilipinas.com domain to a porn site. Was there supposed to be a smiley after that remark?


01 “There are similarities, pero sa pagkakaalam ko… sa atin mas makulay.” – DOT Secretary Lim, on the striking similarity between the new Philippine tourism logo and Poland’s. Oo nga no?

There were also a lot of comments about signing up Vice Ganda to be the new DOT spokesperson, but they were too numerous to include here.

2 thoughts on “Pilipinas Kay Ganda: Top 10 Quotes About the Brouhaha

  1. I can’t still figure out how a P100 million budget for the new DOT campaign results in infringement. I am sure there was no “malicious intent” on the part of the neuron missing, running on two cylinders, drunken ad agency. I hear the DOT Sec is preparing a Show Cause order against all negative posters in FB and Twitter.

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