Tweeting the Final NU Rock Awards

To put a twist on the old adage, this is the way the world ends, not with a whimper, but with a bang – and with a flurry of 140-character commentary over the twitterverse. Such was the case with the last (as in final) NU Rock Awards held last October 29 at the NBC Tent over at “Dafort” in Taguig. For those living under a rock the past couple of weeks, NU107 will making its swan song over Philippine Radio on Sunday, November 7.

I’ve attended quite a few NU Rock Awards shows over the past decade – including one bizarre episode in 1998 where I was actually a judge at this show, which gave me rare insight the behind the scenes activities, as well as a bunch of free CDs to evaluate.

With every show I’ve attended, there has always been a sense of the historical importance of the evening. The musical performances have uncannily always been memorable and legendary – one of a kind performances that have left a lasting imprint.

So I’ve always attempted to document it somehow – on scraps of paper, on brief notes tapped into mobile phones, and on digital photographs. I started with a point and shoot Nikon Coolpix 950 camera before evolving to my usual concert shooting rig (a Canon EOS 40D and a 70-210mm f 2.8 L zoom – gear so heavy I always ended up with a backache after over two hours of shooting).

Occasionally I would muster the gumption to write up my observations in the form of an article. I think two of these have been published in an actual print publication, quite a few ended up on my music site, and this time I’ve decided to blog my observations. But most of the time, the prospect of trying to write down my recollections of the evening proved so daunting I just posted photos online – and even that was so time consuming, I’d end up forgoing even that.

But I’ve never attended Rock Awards show without trying to document it somehow. Lately I’ve been supplementing shooting photos with some live commentary via Twitter punched in real time on my phone. Tweets allows me to make live commentary through my Twitter feed. This is usually cross posted on my Facebook account, and as I’ve found out this year, the tweeting substitutes adequately for taking notes that I can review later on.

The idea is to take the tweets and use them as the basis for writing a proper account of the evening. This time I’ve decided that the raw twitter feed is entertaining to post all by itself, so I’m reproducing it here, with a few notes to clarify some things. Well, here goes:

My LSS is Michael Stipe singing “It’s the end of NU as we know it, and I feel fine.”

I posted that while still in the office, looking forward to the evening.

@mykolant is there a special sponsors entrance?

Ok , I’m in the mosh pit is empty and its cold. Not too many people.

At the Rock Awards, not too many people so far, it’s still cold in the tent (@ NBC Tent)

What’s with the blindfolded string section?

There are so few people, and the bouncers look bored.

From @KarinAraneta: “i’m really surprised by this. and saddened. And wish i were there”
From Me: Well it’s early, the main show won’t start till around 9 I guess. Saw Bel Sayson, he was pumped about the STAGG awards.

Blindfolded string section and acrobats in leather bikinis – and that just ended the pre-show, nothing mentioned yet about the sinking ship.

The mystery of the blindfolded string section

It is freezing in the tent, if you come, bring a hoodie.

Nexus one battery has sputtered and died, thank God there’s Nokia.

The crowd is sitting down, waiting for the show to start. Im standing next to a bored bouncer.

Buddy Zabala is tuning his bass so I guess The Dawn is opening the show.

Buddy never gets old, what’s his secret?

There’s no advanced announcement, but I saw Buddy walk on stage and start tuning up, so I guessed that The Dawn would open the show. They did – to the tune of “Salamat”, an apt choice.

My officemate Mike Antigua (@mykolant) tweeted: “Inside NBC Tent na. Miffed to find out my tickets arent VIP, hehe!”

To which I replied, “We are members of the proletariat tonite, mein freund”

I hear the band to watch is General Luna. Caren rocks! \m/

Yep, the all female rock band General Luna was supposed to be one of the pre-show acts, but we missed seeing that spectacle.

Blogger @karlaredor tweeted: “thought they allow dSLRs for the official photographers of #nu107ra2010 :-/”

This was because a few days ago, @NU107 announced via Twitter that DSLRs and other “professional cameras” would be prohibited. So I snuck in a small camera instead, a Canon Powershot S95. It turned out though that there were dozens of DSLRs in the audience, so I guess the joke was on us.

I tweeted: “@karlaredor There are plenty of DSLRs inside, just act like you know someone in power and they’ll let you alone” and “Plenty of DSLRs here, I’ve been had.”

I feel naked without a 70-210mm f2.8 zoom draped around my neck

I wonder if any of the sponsors knew this was going to be the last show. Probably not.

From @AndrewDeCastro: “While you guys head off to the Rogue Black Tie Brawl, NU Rock Awards, or even Phil Fashion Week tonight, I’m home with a fever. UR SO JEALUZ”

I replied: @ANDREWdecastro of course, lounging around in underwear is always preferrable to a sweaty mosh pit

Mike Antigua wrote: Looking for  @JimAyson. My view is great, at center, in front of awarding stage

Me: I’m in front of the main stage, you cant see me coz I’m wearing a black tshirt, just like the 500 or so tiny rakistas around me.

JB Leonor is at his kit ,he looks excited to start pounding, you’d think he’d be used to it after all these years.

Actually its great to see that JB Leonor still gets off on drumming, its not just a job for him

Jett Pangan is onstage surveying the crowd. Ok they’re starting now, Kevin Roy will sing the national anthem.

I must say Kevin looks really isputing in a suit.

Best new artist award up next, i probably don’t know anyone,  LOL.

Good set by Up Dharma Down

Looks like Archipelago is up next

Drumkits with sparkle finish always look great! Good pounding by wendell.

I don’t know these new DJs, good thing Zach Lucero was up there for a bit hehe.

Wow is that dodong cruz on stage??

Thank God for Tado and Erning

Itchyworms! Great looking jejecap on Kelvin

Charlie Ysmael! Former Ch 9 newscaster

This was when Charlie Y took the stage as a presenter.

All the kids still love Basti

This was right after an interview with Basti Artadi and Manuel Legarda of Wolfgang was briefly shown on screen, and the audience cheered.

Just saw Eddie Boy Escudero, so attendance is now complete!

It’s never a Rock Awards show without Eddie Boy showing up to take photos.

Slapshock played Agent Orange, did not expect that! ROAAAARRRR hehe rapcore lives!!

With Slapshock, Greyhoundz, and even alumni from Cheese present, the main “kupaw” bands were represented.

Pupil is next I think, si Dok Sergio yata yun.

I spotted Dok Sergio tuning his bass, so I thought, hmmm this must be Pupil.

“Hay, si Ely!!” Girls still scream.

Pupil has its The Who moment, throwing their guitars around, generating massive feedback. Pity Ely’s poor Strat.

Was that Hayden Kho presenting best video?

Apparently, it was. Oh the irony.

Francis Reyes is reminiscing about In The Raw’s 13 year history.

It’s Pepe Smith on stage! He will outlive us all.

Greyhoundz is on stage, tuning up to “beep beep” in honor of JDLC.

Sugarfree is up next.

Ebe Dancel looks beefier than before.

Pontri and Vicky Belo as Presenters- whatta combination.

Great set by Kamikazee dressed like decripit old men

Yes yes, Charlie Y was with the Breed, was an NU DJ AND he was a channel 9 newscaster, just to jog your memories.

Hall of Fame is Angee Rozul legendary engineer of Tracks studios. Well deserved, clap clap

Everyone is wondering which babes Atom Henares will trot out tonight.

Later on, Atom’s customary babe-a-thon was revealed, he had KC Concepcion and Anne Curtis in tow.

Never saw Franco before but they are a really tight band. Gigil na gigil mag bass si Buwi.

Franco ran away with the artist of the year award, among many others. Fist time I saw them play. Turns out to be Buwi Meneses’ other band (he usually plays bass for Parokya ni Edgar).

I think that Urban Dub is up next.

WTH is Tim frickin Yap doing here

‘Nuff Said, though he turns up every year he is always a jarring presence.

Lots of djembe drums from pinikpikan on stage.

Rivermaya closed the show with awit ng kabataan, supplemented with a bajillion drums.

Rivermaya was joined by percussionists from Pinikpikan (Mark Escueta has played with them) and the NU DJs (Francis Reyes did a guitar solo)

Awww the female djs are tearing up

Francis Reyes says”nu107 will never fucking die” with his voice cracking up

Highly emotional goodbyes on stage.

With artist of the year Franco playing on stage, the crowd slowly shuffles out of the tent

But wait, there’s confetti!

And that was how it went. For more 140-character commentary, just search Twitter for the keywords “NU107”. And by the way, I own the rights to these photos, these aren’t covered by Creative Commons. If you link to these or re-use them in any way, please ask permission ok?

4 thoughts on “Tweeting the Final NU Rock Awards

  1. hi sir! is it okay if use some of your photos for Sir Atom’s speech?

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