Why 2010 is the Year of Mobile Social Media

Some months back, I gave this presentation (the deck is embedded here as a Slideshare link), which encapsulated some ideas I had been thinking of for sometime. It seems that as far as social media is concerned, several factors came into play in late 2009 that have conspired to create a “perfect storm” that have positioned mobile platforms as the main deal for social media starting this year, 2010.

I’d summarize these factors as the following:

  1. The emergence of Facebook and Twitter as the most popular (or influential) vehicles for social media in the Philippines. Which means we can finally dispense with Friendster, Multiply, and all the others as irrelevant. The stats presented in this presentation are all out-of-date by now by the way.
  2. The emergence of affordable all-you-can-eat mobile internet data plans from Philippine mobile operators. Starting late 2009, mobile internet rates evolved from pay-as-you go to daily, weekly, and monthly denominations.
  3. The recognition of mobile as the main platform for growth by the web giants Facebook, Google, and even Microsoft at the Mobile World Congress in Feb 2010.
  4. The emergence of the “geo-location” wars as gelocation apps moved to center stage at SXSW 2010.

Some of my stats (particularly that of Facebook) need to be updated, but I think the presentation remains relevant for the most part:

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