Friendster’s Twitter is Updated from Facebook


We’ve heard of social media mashups before, but this one strikes us as more than just a little odd.

Apparently Friendster maintains an official account on Twitter (which is confirmed through a post on the official Friendster blog). Since Friendster’s operations have been increasingly Philippine-centric, this Twitter account is run out of Manila. The Twitter feed is updated sporadically, as is the official blog.

What does seem strange however, is that three out of the most recent updates were updated from Facebook, as the screen grab above will attest to. It seems that the Friendster tweeter prefers not to open a new browser tab while moseying around the web, so he tweets right from where he is (which unfortunately for him, is an account on Facebook, not Friendster).

Clicking on the Facebook link on the tweets shows the originating application is the Facebook-Twitter connection found at .

Our helpful suggestion: If the official Friendster Twitter-master can’t be bothered to post from the web or a third-party Twitter client, Friendster can at least try to connect to Twitter’s open API so that users can also tweet directly from their Friendster profiles.

That way, a Friendster tweet will be seen as coming from Friendster  –  and not from Facebook.

5 thoughts on “Friendster’s Twitter is Updated from Facebook

  1. Wow, labo nga… And all I ever wanted, all I ever waited was, “why can’t they at least create a decent Friendster App client that connects to Twitter”?

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