Blog Action Day Against Global Warning: Oct 15

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We just signed up to support World Blog Action Day 2009 on October 15. This year’s theme is to bring awareness to the problem of Global Warming.

On this day, participating blogs from around the world will be creating and posting blog posts to highlight the biggest challenge posed to mankind today – the issue of climate change. In the Philippines, the two major typhoons that ravaged our country in 2009 – Ondoy and Pepeng – have already been publicly declared by the leading local meteorologists to be quite possibly a direct result of global warming induced climate change.

Here’s the Blog Action Day web site, which tells all.

One thought on “Blog Action Day Against Global Warning: Oct 15

  1. Just got this update from the organizers:

    Hey Everyone,

    Blog Action Day is this Thursday, October 15!

    We’re excited to report that more than 5000 bloggers have already registered from 126 countries, with more signing up each day.

    If you haven’t registered yet, it is not too late. Sign up here:

    Once you’ve signed up all you need to do is write a post about climate change this Thursday. We’ll have a live feed of all your posts on our homepage so you can track the conversation.

    But, you may be asking, what am I going to write about?

    We’re here to help. Climate climate impacts nearly all aspects of our lives, from business and technology to food, transportation and travel. Here’s a list of ideas and places to look for inspiration when deciding what to post on Thursday.

    Food: Agricultural production around the world is responsible for nearly as much greenhouse gas emissions as all forms of transportation put together, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the food choices we make have a big impact on the climate. Read more and check out a few explanatory videos here.

    Travel: More than 30 top travel blogs are participating in Blog Action Day. Check out who’s blogging and get ideas for writing about the connection between travel, geography, transit and climate change.

    Events: If you want to write about what people around the world are doing locally to take action on climate change, check out our friends at They’re organizing an International Day of Climate Action around the world on October 24. You can also check out their tools specifically for bloggers. For more events and actions to write about, go to:

    Business: Take a look at our post on 5 Ways Climate Change Will Change Business in the 21st Century to get some ideas of where climate change will have a big impact, and opportunities for the business sector.

    Politics: It’s hard to ignore the connection between climate change and politics — from international negotiations to local and domestic policy debates. We’ve profiled some of the best political blogs participating in Blog Action Day this year where you can brush up on the inside information.

    None of these topics fit your interest? We just put up a blog post with a longer list of topics and how they connect to climate, including design, technology, family, health and more. Take a look and add your ideas in the comments for everyone to see.

    How you write about the way climate change affects our lives is up to you. The most important thing is that you participate so that together, we can help create an expanding global conversation about one of the most important issues we face.

    Thanks so much,

    Robin Beck
    Lead Organizer
    Blog Action Day 09: Climate Change.

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