Summary of Ateneo Relief Efforts for Typhoon Ondoy Victims

bleagleGot this from ye olde Alma Mater, and am reposting this here in full.

Official Statement from Sanggunian, COA, and OSA:

As of 12:30AM, September 28, 2009, Monday

To all: The Ateneo de Manila University would like to inform its students that classes are suspended on September 28-29 (Monday-Tuesday) due to Typhoon Ondoy. Relief Operations are ongoing and will continue for the following days.

The Ateneo is accepting donations, both in kind or in cash/check. The center of relief operations is the Ateneo College Covered Courts. Most needed are ready-to-eat food, canned goods, drinking water, clothes, mats, and blankets. Those who wish to donate or volunteer for Ateneo Task Force Ondoy are welcome to go to the College Covered Courts, where they will be directed, assisted, and briefed.

For cash donations, direct deposits can be made to:
Bank of the Philippine Islands (Loyola-Katipunan Branch)
BPI Peso Checking Account Number: 3081-111-61
BPI Dollar Savings Account Number: 3084-0420-12

Checks may be addressed to Simbahang Lingkod Bayan as well. For GCASH users, you may send your donations by typing: DONATE_<Amount>_<4-digit pin>_SLB and send to 2992.

Operations start at 6AM daily, and deployment to the areas start at 1PM. Volunteers are welcome to help by signing up for three-hour shifts each, starting at 6AM ending at 12AM. For easier monitoring, people are highly encouraged to come at the start of the three-hour intervals. For volunteers, please wear comfortable working clothes. Bring umbrellas, jackets, extra shirts, and water. Please wear blue.

We are also consolidating a list of missing people and evacuation centers around Metro Manila. Please visit and update If you know people who are missing or who are at evacuation centers, please add their names and contact information at the website. The site is currently still down, but please check back in an hour or so. We are still finishing uploading files into the site.

Just today, September 27, we were able to raise Php 83,000 in monetary donations to aid the relief victims. 3,000 packs of relief goods have also been sent to Upper Brangka Bliss.

For inquiries, please contact Gio Tingson at 0917/880-7427 or Kacci Morales at 0927/981-8811.

2 thoughts on “Summary of Ateneo Relief Efforts for Typhoon Ondoy Victims

  1. hi,
    are there still relief work (packing, sorting, etc) ongoing? my son and i would like to help out. pls advise!

    thank you,
    susan and mari narciso

  2. Hi Susan, got the ff. from the alumni office yesterday:

    A. Relief Phase

    Today, 6 October 2009, is the last day of the relief phase of the Ateneo Task Force (ATF) Ondoy at the LS (college) covered courts. The Ateneo Task Force Ondoy will stop receiving donations in kind after today. Rehabilitation activities will commence. Please see C. below.
    Monetary donations for rehabilitation efforts are very much welcome via bank deposits to BPI and BDO and through the Philippine Jesuit Foundation and Ayala Foundation USA. Please see the attached updated primer on “How to Donate.”

    There will be a thanksgiving Mass for all volunteers at 6pm later today at the college covered courts. All are welcome to attend.

    On behalf of the Ateneo Task Force Ondoy and the University, Fr. Ben Nebres, S.J. thanks the Ateneo community from the different parts of the world for your overwhelming generosity, and the continued care, support, and kindness for the thousands of families in various parts of the country.

    B. Comprehensive Report

    The DReaM Team Ateneo Task Force Ondoy is preparing a comprehensive operations and financial report covering the relief phase which we will send out to the community.

    C. Rehabilitation Phase

    The Ateneo Task Force Ondoy is now geared for the next phase which is to respond to post-relief needs. On top of the list is assistance for clean up operations.

    As reported by Mark Lawrence Cruz, Coordinator, Gawad Kalinga-Ateneo, he has seen the amount of debris and the mess increase as each day passes in affected areas like Provident Village and GK Camacho in Marikina. There is simply so much rehabilitation and restoration that needs to be done to bring back order and cleanliness to their homes and lives. Families cleaning their homes have nowhere to bring mud and trash but on the streets. As a result, the streets get more congested and the stench of decay worsens each day. Without immediate action, their situation will turn from one disaster to the other: from natural to a public heath problem. Thus, the urgency of a clean up operations.

    So far, here are the broad strokes of the clean up operations:

    1) We can assist in two ways: recruitment and deployment of HEAVY EQUIPMENT (payloaders, bobcats, dumptrucks, etc.) to haul out debris and a call again to VOLUNTEERS to help clean up individual homes.

    2) We have identified 4 areas to assist: Provident Village in Marikina, GK Camacho in Nangka Marikina, GK Brookside in Brgy. Bagong Silangan QC, and Dela Costa 5 in Montalban. If other communities request, we will conduct an ocular and then line them up for clean up.

    3) We will deploy clean up assistance depending on the recruitment of heavy equipment and volunteers.

    4) As of today, we project that clean up activities will last until this Sunday, October 11.

    The request for now is in recruiting the heavy equipment from our alumni networks. Kindly direct them to Mark Lawrence Cruz for orientation and instructions.

    Mark Lawrence Cruz
    Coordinator, Gawad Kalinga-Ateneo
    Ateneo Telephone: (632) 426.6001 local 4024
    Ateneo Direct line: (632) 426.1236
    Mobile: 0917.893.3003

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