Transferring e-Load via SMART Money: An Animated Tutorial

Despite SMART Money‘s numerous ad campaigns since its launch, the real step-by-step tutorials about how to do things with SMART Money seem to have been elusive. Furthermore, the communications seem to be fixated on SMART Money as a Mastercard-powered cash card – even while a large measure of its flexibility lies in its uses as a pure mobile-to-mobile payment platform.

Here’s one new approach that attempts to bring the message across via an easy-to-understand animated tutorial. SMART Money account holders can transmit load to other Smart subscribers’ prepaid accounts, whether these be other mobile accounts, or even SMART Bro prepaid modems. The amounts range from 50 pesos to 1,000 pesos, and unlike the traditional “pasaload” these amount don’t expire within the day.

I think this approach is the right way to go – it looks like this finally bridges the communications gap. Here’s hoping we get to see more video tutorials coming down the bend, spread via YouTube, blogs, and other forms of social media!

Link: The SMART Money FAQ.

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