The Unboxing: Smart Bro’s Batman Broadband

This may have been the most unorthodox Batman merchandise ever sold, and it happened right here in the good ol’ Republic of da Pilipins.

I shot another unboxing some months ago – and as work piled up, I completely forgot about it! The images languished in an SD card. But better late than never – so here they are in all their full-color glory.

The images are of Smart Bro’s limited edition “Dark Knight Edition” of their popular “jazz plug-it!!” USB modems. This one came all decked out in complete Dark Knight movie regalia, with a case seemingly better suited for a DVD or game rather than an HSDPA modem. And the modem itself looks like something straight out of The Batman’s utility belt. That characteristic appears to make this bundle unusual and newsworthy enough.

One of the more notable aspects of it was the use of a ZTE MF626 modem, which plugs in directly to the USB sans cable. In addition, there is a Micro SD slot which allows you to expand the memory up to 2GB (and based on local prices, this memory expansion card is now quite cheap and approaching the P500 mark).

This breaks the tradition of USB modems being tethered to your laptop or desktop via a short USB cable. As the photos show, the modem is on the pudgy side, not as svelte as your typical USB thumb drive. But it’s certainly a tad more convenient than the modems with the cable sticking out.

The modem itself is suitably high-spec, supporting 3G and HSPA networks – with a bone crunching speed limit of 7.2 Mbps.

Jan Blando of SMART handles the selection of these devices for Bro, and tells me there are all sorts of alternative form factors coming up – this won’t be the first.

Incidentally, we noticed that Globe‘s new Visibility modems have jumped ship from Huawei and are now using the ZTE MF626 as well, albeit in a white casing. Guess you can’t keep a good idea to yourself!

1. The Box

2. The Paraphernalia

3. Extension Cables, in case you want them (optional use only)

4. The Dark Knight

5. The Back

6. USB plug, show thyself

7. The MicroSD slot

8. The MicroSD slot, opened

11 thoughts on “The Unboxing: Smart Bro’s Batman Broadband

  1. @ria – Right now this is mainly 3G speeds so expect about 300-450 KBps downlink – in a month there will be a massive speed increase on the SMART data network so expect this to increase by about 3x using the same modems!

  2. @ria – There’s an update – the SmartBro SIMs have been jacked up on the network so you can now get a maximum of 2Mbps (3 Mbps if you’re lucky). Looks like the HSPA switch was turned on recently!!

  3. @Jim: The other networks have max speeds of 1.4 and 1.8Mbps, so it’s great to know that Smart has given more bandwidth for its subscribers. 🙂

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