This Area is Temporary Close

Just another one of those strange signs we come across in everyday life. This one was spotted at “Dampa sa Libis”, one of those fresh seafood places along C5 in Quezon City. When I saw it, I knew I had to shoot it with my phone and upload to my Flickr feed and Twitpic.

The sign begs for further reflection. Did the guy making the sign suffer from a relationship in the doldrums? Were they close once, but not anymore, hence temporary? Will they be close again? Soon perhaps? Talk about the fragility of relationships in the Internet age.

One thought on “This Area is Temporary Close

  1. it was a judgement call. the font size he used could not be accomodated on that meager space. so he had to make an agonizing decision on what letters to omit. any average reader could have read the message.

    let me cite a famous example.

    ” pedxing “

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