Smart’s UZZAP: Behind the Bits

Yesterday, July 6, 2008 was probably notable for one of those rare occasions in sports history – such as when Ateneo actually manages to beat La Salle in a UAAP basketball game (having had 16 years of formal Jesuit schooling myself, I know that of which I speak). But apart from that unusual event, July 6 was also the auspicious day that SMART Communications had chosen to launch its new mobile messaging product, “Uzzap“, and roll it out under the Smart Buddy brand. The TV commercial aired, the print ad hit the presses, the billboards were rolled out, and the website (currently located at went online.

Uzzap, as you can find out from the aforementioned media, is a mobile “messenger” – it allows you take the PC instant messaging experience with you on your mobile phone. That includes the usual amenities such as Instant Messaging (IM) and e-mail. But wait, there’s more (drumroll puh-leaze). Everyone knows the #1 mobile messaging application remains SMS. So Uzzap builds in IM-to-SMS and SMS-to-IM integration in a uniquely seamless manner. All that, and a chatroom area to boot, for those of you who still find the rambunctious experience of live mobile anonymous chat appealing.

It’s a mobile internet app, so naturally, you need a phone that can handle GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSDPA and whatnot. On the Smart network that is, or any of Smart’s roaming partners.

The service is being offered to the public for a free trial period from July 6 to July 20. Yup, and that includes the mobile internet connection to the Uzzap server. Free, as in Libre.

Insert pinoy TV commercial voiceover style here: “So anong hinhintay niyo, download na at Uzzap na tayooohhhhh”

And so that should end right there. Not!

Based on blogs and forum comments that managed to pick up the story so far, there’s an odd confusion among the local technocrati as to what the product actually is and what it does. Maybe it’s because the Smart Buddy “me na me”, “d2 na u?”, and “uzzap na me” theme likes to keep things simple for the me na me generation. As far as the message goes, downland na u to your fone and connect na u to all ur buddies. Happy na me!

Well that’s all and well and good, but there’s a great deal to the product that meets the eye that just needs to be put out there. So in a series of blog posts, I’ll try to unravel some of the layers of this application and service.

For those of you who want to dive straight into the nitty gritty, Smart provides a user manual for downloading in PDF format, right here.

Start Me Up

Let’s start off with what the application is. It’s an internet app available in five different clients. For the mobile version, it’s available as a native Symbian app for Nokia Series 60 2nd edition and Nokia Series 60 3rd edition. The Symbian clients are the most feature-rich (Sorry Sony Ericsson UIQ fans, no UIQ client as of this time). For all other phones – there’s a J2ME client with slightly lesser features.

Someone had Twittered me about Windows Mobile support (a certain Abet dela Cruz I believe!). As long as the Windows Mobile handset can run J2ME, it should be ok (I’ve seen it working on an O2 Atom).

For PCs, there are two versions – a Windows version (XP/Vista) and a Linux version that supports Ubuntu, Kanotix, Mepis, and Debian variants. No Mac OS X right now, but the Mac fanboys can always install Windows or Linux through VM Ware or Parallels if they really want to run this baby.

You can find out the download link by sending a text message with just the keyword UZZAP in it to access code 7272. (That’s for free, by the way) That returns the download link (currently at You can click on the hyperlink if your phone supports this, or just fire up your mobile browser and go straight to that URL.

Connecting straight to the download link will have the download server detect what device you’re connecting from and will try to push the version most appropriate to your device and operating system. PCs download the EXE installer, S60 downloads the sis file, and so it goes.

On J2ME handsets, your mileage will vary, mainly because of the wide variety of J2ME handsets on the market. I’d stick to the main brands before trying anything off-the-wall like that Russian handset from an Uzbekistan operator you have in your bottom drawer.

Installation involves registration, and the following are mandatory: Your name, your UserID, your password – and since this is a mobile app – your Smart mobile number. Your number will be validated during registration. It’s also a good idea to include an e-mail address if you want to advantage of the mobile-to-email and e-mail to mobile features. In addition, if you manage to forget your password, entering an e-mail address here will ensure that your password can be mailed to your e-mail address if you request it.

Buddy me, pare

After installation, Uzzap kicks in with probably one of its most unique features – “Automatic Buddy Matching,” a feature found only in the Nokia Series 60 versions. This features goes through your contacts directory and tries to find out which of your contacts are already registered as Uzzap buddies (by matching the mobile numbers with the numbers in the member database). You get to confirm which of these Uzzap users would you like to be added as your buddies. These buddy candidates in turn need to confirm the invite. Don’t want to add your ex? No problem.

What is this EM of which you speak?

Here is where the meat of the Uzzap messaging style comes in to play. You may be wondering about that big “EM” logo in the main menu. EM stands for Extended Messaging. As a term, “Instant Messaging” or IM is a little anemic compared to the mobile messaging options available in Uzzap. So throughout the Uzzap universe (the “Uzzapsphere”?) messages are often referred to as “EMs”.

Extended Messaging allows you to do any of the following with your Uzzap buddies:

  • Send E-mail (assuming they have a registered e-mail address)
  • Make a GSM call
  • Send an SMS-R (Uzzap’s term for SMS sent through their messaging server)
  • Send your Contacts List to a buddy
  • Start a Conference (involving two or more Uzzap buddies)

Now here’s the thing. If you send an e-mail or an SMS-R from Uzzap, when your contact replies, the message should pop up in the Uzzap client.

Considering that Uzzap is also available as a PC-based Internet application, the whole gamut of possibilities emerges. PC-to-Mobile, Mobile-to-PC, SMS-to-EM, EM-to-Email, Email-to-mobile, etc etc etc.

In future posts, we’ll peel away the layers of this app and take a look at other Uzzap features. I’d write more now, but to quote the immortal words of the comedian Henny Youngman, “I just flew in, and boy my arms are tired.”

Note: For some reason, Uzzap users have started to use this post as some sort of a support board for their questions about the service. Please contact the Uzzap team at instead.

Or you can also use the Uzzap forum at Sandbox – check out and look for this in the forum area.

In the meantime, commenting for this post has been disabled.

155 thoughts on “Smart’s UZZAP: Behind the Bits

  1. Very informative post! I’d been looking for a detailed look at the new service all night, since there hadn’t been one and I haven’t been able to download the mobile client to my phone yet. I do hope somebody can upload the installer someplace else here on the web so I can download it on to my PC instead of on to my phone directly because that fails.

  2. Ey Jim.

    Why not just a rich browser flash client for the desktop ports? That way users don’t have to install anything. (screw ajax. raw uncompressed javascript code will chew through your bandwidth like crazy, and the font-end sourcecode will be open for the whole wide world to see).

    Problem ng installed clients like these is usually blinoblock ng office IT staff or sysads.

    Kaya sumikat ang meebo eh.

    That way din kung browser-based, it’ll run on Macs, Windows & Linux. 1 client fits all! 😀

    Well, I guess advantage ng standalone desktop client is the bandwidth savings in not having to redownload the URI graphics, engine, etc over and over again.

    There’s AIR, but then alpha pa yung installer ng runtime niya sa Linux…

  3. Do you think there’s going to be a Globe equivalent of this soon? I don’t want to have to switch providers again, although I’m seriously tempted to just get a prepaid Smart SIM so I can check it out.

  4. Tania, Globe had its chance with its mobileIM called IMEVERYWHERE (well actually they spelled it IMEVRWHR or something like that.) They launched it in 2006 with much fanfare and then they dropped it two years later. Trouble with it is – they limited this to only 10 handsets (all Nokia Series 60 second edition only- which meant if you had a phone newer than a N70 it wasn’t supported) and there was no way to send a message from a PC. I don’t think Globe will be launching an IM soon with the crash of IMEVERYWHERE still on everyone’s minds.

  5. @Tom

    I think what David is referring to is the ability to download the mobile phone installers from the web to the PC. I already tried accessing the site and since it is set to automatically detect the device and designate the appropriate version to be downloaded, you’ll always end up downloading the PC vesion instead of the mobile version.

  6. do anyone of you have a .jar file for this application that works on UIQ3 handsets like P990i?
    the uzzap server didn’t have the right application for this type of mobile fone (UIQ3)…
    anyone can help me? e-mail me at

  7. ei guys i can’t install the software for my 6630 because it is a vodafone.. can anyone provide me the installer in the net so i can download it here? email it to me at

  8. I download uzzap software in my phone Sony Ericsson k500i… the problem is i cannot log-in in the phone i register already in the internet username, password, SMS confirmation message, etc.. and its still it wont log-in. (SEk500i) 1. Login to Network 2. Enter User ID and Password then when i try to enter User Id (Without any User Id enter) it says User ID you chose upon registering. User ID can be 6 to 12 character, and can consist of numbers and letter. then when i press “ok” it wont approve… i better then exit application!, and try again and still it wont work! please help me how can i log-in in the phone huhuhu!… my gprs are open and online,… wats the problem??? +639092148536 here my number! Help me! mwahuhuhu!……

  9. Uzzap is ok. I like it. You dont need to go to internet cafe to chat with your chatmate. Thanks to Smart’s Uzzap!!!

  10. I saw your IMMAP presentation and actually just found out about this UZZAP. I don’t really bother with Kim Chiu (sp?) and all the ads these days (so many new teen stars? I don’t recognize them anymore, I don’t have TV in my apt).
    I downloaded the app onto my SE K608i… Register new account -> OK -> Incorrect data. I don’t think the app scrollbar works. So abandoned na muna.
    How’s the adoption rate? Getting the app started has to be easier.

  11. @Marie, the SE K608i uses the J2ME version, which may be a flaky for some handsets (works great on Nokia Series 40 though).The best versions of Uzzap are usually the Nokia Series 60 phones (Symbian) because the app was originally writen with this platform in mind. Still I’ve seen it running on oddball phones like the LG Ku250 and a number of SE phones with no problem.

    As for adoption rate, I believe there are about 65,000 subscribers or so – still using it for free since the trial offer has been extended.

    I also use it for free posts to Twitter and Plurk through the Ping.FM gateways on Yahoo Messenger and MSN. But maybe that’s fodder for another piece.

  12. @scroolflux and others, it is now possible to download the jar and sis files for Uzzap to a PC. Just go to the website, go to the download section, put in your mobile phone make and model and a download option will appear below 🙂

  13. Thanks for the UZZAP’s additional rooms for chatting. Maybe its time also to have a trivia room with an automated bot. Hehehe. Anyone agree? Post a comment.:-) it only takes a seconds. Ride on…smart!

  14. hi master i need your help,how to kick what is the code,please help me and send my,thankz^_^

  15. hi jim, does uzzap work with the w760? i tried installing it but i get a “device not supported” page. is there a complete list of compatible devices? or i guess it should work on all J2ME compatible phones?

  16. please give me the color codes for uzzap and other codes for making graphics..
    and how to kick on chat room?
    i will look forward to your response.
    thank you!….

  17. Hi im hEaRt from the SABER CLAN (sd5) just wanna ask on how to request personalize room for the SABERS in showdown rooms. Thanks!

  18. hi im just want to know the code in making graphics and how to kick what is the code and pls give some color code
    im look forward to your response tnx!

  19. hey.. help me naman po oh! di kasi makapag install yung uzzap sa phone ko! 7210 supernova po unit ng cp ko! bumili pa naman ako ng new para makagamit ng uzzap, pero yun ang problem. e-mail nyo naman po ako kung papano,,
    i hope SMART will solve this… huhuhuhuhu..

  20. elow does anyone know bakit file format not supported for my nokia 6600 slide ung uzzap.. bumili ako ng mid-end fone para makapag-uzzap pero not fupported naman pala ung 6600 slide ko..

    y.m nio naman po ako for the answer..


  21. or just leave a response nalang po dito sa site na toh.. about sa ask ko earlier why nde supported ung 6600slide ko..

    sayang naman all my friends are using uzzap kasi…

    thnx po sa sasagot…

    hope soon…

    1. Hi lhianne:

      i can probably help you with that, do you mind giving me your contact no.,??

      Thank you

  22. Master ayaw na poh gumana ng dating kick code. New version ng uzzap po gamit q. Pede poh b malaman new kick codes? Summer version po gamit ko. Ito poh email add ko.
    Thanks po…God speed.

    1. Sir pn0 p0h b ung c0de ng pangkick,p2l0ng nman p0h sir. E2 p0h numbr ko txt u n lng p0h ko sir. 09185829352 tnx p0h sir

    2. ui pd u po b ituro sakin ung code n cnasabi mong d gumagana????pd natin yang irevise..kung gusto mgtulungan tau????e2 # ko 09299698969
      pakilala k po ha???tulungan tau…kk??

  23. Hi puh pde mgrequest ng rum para s LRG clan kc poh ala kmi rum eh…huhuhu…parang awa nyo na poh….ngkakawatawatak n kmi dhl wla kming rum …sna poh pgbgyan nio n kmi.. mababait puh kmi…tnx

  24. Hi puh pde mgrequest ng rum para s LRG clan kc poh ala kmi rum eh…huhuhu…parang awa nyo na poh….ngkakawatawatak n kmi dhl wla kming rum …sna poh pgbgyan nio n kmi.. mababait puh kmi…tnx….cge na poh

  25. Haaay nku.. Nagrerequest kau kung panu magkick? Hahaha.. Bka abusuhin nyu un. At kung cnu cnu na cpain nyu sa rum. ..

    1. dagdagan m lng ung link ng uzzap sa summer example /summer yan ung huli,,hehe alm m n b kung panu mg kick sa room??? txt u nmn me if alm u n e2 # ko 09299698960 ty

  26. Pwede po ba manghingi ng kick codes pra sa mga flooder? Kahit ung maDC lng cla saglit.. Ang hirap po kxe sa mga flooder pag mganda ung takbo ng usapan saa magflood.. >.<

  27. helo po. . pls send me the code on how to kick those flooders kc nggugulo lng sa rum. tnx 33yrs old ir.

  28. Gud day! kaasar ung mga flooders! D mkapagchat ng maayos! i was hoping if can u help me on how to kick flooders? promise ill be responsible! Ill be waiting thanx and more power

  29. ARDY wala naman po dun links for any codes, kahit sa search walang related na result? parang porn site, or gay site yan eh…

  30. pahingi po ng code para mkapagkick kc dami flooders sa rum namin!

  31. enge aman po ng pang kick n code! please asar kc mga floodrz s rum nmn ei! e2 po eadd Q, honey.lhynne@y.c tnx poh!

  32. Master pwede po ba malaman code ng pangKick lagi po kc akong pinagtritripan at inaaway ng mga Bad Chatterz.. Lalo na ung mga Flooders.. sana po maibigay nyo po sakin code ng pangkick. eto po Email q
    Salamat Master.

  33. Hello to all!

    This time i will give you some common codes in UZZAP.

    If you want a list of textcolor code, emoticon code, avatar code, kick code.

    Just visit this website below. All you want to know about codes in Uzzap is in here.

    Just follow the step:

    1. Go to
    2. Go to Messages
    3. Read the messages of MasterJEO

    You can leave a message in this site for your automatic response.

    Thank you.


  34. i would like to request a room for my clan!:)
    VF po sna name ng rum!
    ska po xtra rum pra s ANIME clan my range n clng 80+ XD

    gs2 q dn po sna m22nan kng pnu mngkik gmit PC:)anu po ung code:)

    ska po paupd8 s mga version ng uzzap!XD

    hearts/sumver at beta lng meron aq!

    hope u grant d rums soon:)
    ska po s info about kick gmit PC:)

    more power po s uzzap!X3

    -uzzap lover-

  35. hi…im lookn for the kickn codes..but as i go furdr..dme dn pla tlgang k2lad q nghhanap nun… wel i gues..i nid to find anothr way…and if i dnt,maybe its jst not for me… nways..u can vsit our rums at t61 en t62… tnx alot for our new rum..d WIP rum at SD… more power 2 u guyz… GBU ol..=)

  36. nman..bat pag nagdodownload ako uzzp s nokia 6600 ko cannot perform operation daw..may load nman ako..taz tama nman nman..super thanks 🙂

  37. Plz lang poh…pahingi ng kick c0des para sa mga PasawaY kht ban 4 1 rum lang…email or txt me…tnx

  38. Boss im a regular uzzap chatter sa provinces B Cotabato room,ahai daming pasaway na flooders at ayaw makuha sa santong dasalan at pakiusap kung nagsisimula na magflood,im using nokia s60v2 n70 phone,boss send mu naman sakin ang pang kick na code para maminimize naman ang mga pasaway,alam kung hindi na talaga maiwasan ang mga flooders pero atlest maminimize naman kng may im4tant topic sa room,tnx in advance boss ito yuurok mail ku, at ym naman

  39. Hi po! I jst wanna ask the code on hw 2 kick a flooders out of d rum.. Even jst 2 kik dem out or jst get them 2 stay out not 2 ban dem thanks.. Hirs my eadd.. thanks and more power 2 smart uzzap.. I’ll b w8ing 4 ur kind response thanx..

  40. hey! i forgot my uzzasp pasword then wen i tried to retrieve it my email address wasnt the rigth one? how can i regster again????? help!

    1. Hi bobby ring smart customer care (*888) they can help you with forgotten password issues. 🙂

      Thank you

  41. Good Morning po, I am a reg user sa F199 po, kung gusto niyo pumunta dun, tanong niyo mga reg kung san si “BLAZE”. Gusto ko po malaman kung paano mangkick. Nakakainis na po ung flooder, pabalik balik sa room namin. Gusto niya kc invade room namin. Please lang po para matapos na ang gulong to. Kung wala po tutulong sa akin, wala na po kaming panahon para magreklamo. Humahaba na sungay nila, sobra na sila.

    1. Hi Bai 🙂

      Dont worry i hear that uzzap is releasing a widget soon, that will be supported by both mac and pc.

      Thank you

  42. pahingi po ng code pang kick sa mga flooders sa uzzap.. thanks ito pla ang # ko 09212848143 thanks mga tol

  43. request lng po sana kmi ng rum 4 VF

    vongola family w/ 30+members

    sa anime po kmi tumatmby naun..

    peo 2mos. npo kmi…

    tnxue po s uzzap at ngkakilala kming lhat:DD

    more power po s uzzap;)


  44. Hi everyone…

    (ulitin ko yung post di nasama yung parenthetical remarks eh, thanks)

    uzzap user din ako (hehehehehehe) pede poh sanang mag request ng color codes sa uzzap (cool kasi) at kung pde sana yung code kung panu mag kick sa room ng user n nanggugulo… (pls,pls,pls)
    sang room kayo?? patanbay ako… hope to here from you guys… hehehehehehehe

    uzzap id ko pala : severussnape (add nio poh ako, hope to make friedns here)
    Email add ko: (looking forward to your quick responce)
    fs account: (wahahahahahahahaha para makita nio ko, hehehehe)
    facebook account: (cool Microsoft SQL kasi ang database na ginagamit nito kaya try kong gumawa ng account, add nio din ako)
    flyff account: henryrafael (addict ako dito hahahahahahahahahahahaha)

    thanks and warm regards



  47. pahingi naman ng mga secret code s uzzap para m update naman ako tnx


  48. master help naman bout s codes ng uzzap!
    ahm..,kht anong cool n codes masaya n po aq!
    e2 po ung no. q 09074525256 salamat po godbless

  49. Master paano po ang kick code? My particular rum po kasi na ngkikick sakin at hindi naman ako nanggugulo. Pnepersonal ako may galit sila sa akin.

  50. This is my number,please help. Hndi ako mkapasok sa mga rooms dahil kick nila ako.09102170920

  51. Pls! Pahingi naman ng new code ng pang kick s uzzap,dmi mga pxaway sa rum namin,gngwang mgulo ung dating payapa smin,kht cn0 jan n may alm na s new code,pls. .Pki send nman s email.Q,tnx po.

  52. Barkada room aq reg.Dmi naiinGgit s b0nding namin dun.Cncra nla,at gst0 dn nlang iinvade daw ung room.Please, i need new codes na pang kick, alm0st a 11m0s.N aqng reg s uzap at s barkada room aq tlga ngng msya,c0nceRn lng aq s r0om namin,sana m2lungan nyo aq,pki send n lng po ung code s email q

  53. master gud ev po…pde help naman po. paano po ang kick code?.. kasi asar na talaga ako sa mga flood.. araw araw nlang nka flood s room namen, kht codes lng mapalayas kulang mga flood!
    e2 po ung no. q 09193238340 salamat po godbless

  54. Hello po. Pwd nyo po b aq matulungan? Dumadami po kc floodr at nang gugulo s room namin eh. Ang nakalulungkot p po nyan halos lahat ng regs wala n dahil ayaw ng tumambay s room. Bka po pwd nyo qng bigyan ng kicked codes para mapalayas ung mga floodr n umuukupa s room namin plzzz…,? Paki e-mail or txt n lng po sakin tnx po. E2 po e-mail q. cel# 09193513270 tnx po ng marami:)

  55. Sir/ma’am gusto ko lang sana malaman mga bagong avatar code,pati ung code para mkapang kick ako ng mga flooder na magugulo,pki’send na lng po sa email q ung responds nyo.. tnx !

  56. eow po pwede po b aq paturo ng mga icon codes ung mga secret codes pa share nman po hirs my number 09084262115 thx po sana po share nman salat

  57. hi..gus2 ko po sanang malaman kung pano magpakik ng mga flooders pc po gamit ko..ang dami po kcng pasaway na flooders ngaun sa rum lalo na pag magmamadaling araw na..salamat po ng marami

  58. kaplas pede ba yun kick code,,,, lam ko kailangan mo muna ng sentinel access para maka pag kick ka meron ka nga code wala kanaman sentinel access use less,,,,, that what called kaplas……..


  59. my mga rum n my acces ky sentinel pag napag initan k ng mga member ng rum mag sumbong ky sentinel dadating sentinel bsta lng mngkik bkit dmo n mgmasid.dpat alamin muna bkit gusto ipa kik hindi ung basta darating at mgkick agd ng isinumbong n name

  60. HI i lost my password in uzzap…but the problem is i cannot retrieve my password bec.may mail address na linagay ko eh mali……


    1. Hi Jhayze,

      i can probably help you with that, do you mind giving me your contact no.,?? or email add?

      Thank you 🙂

  61. how can i retrieve my forgotten password. i tried the process of sending my user id in my email account but i havent receive their response. bat po wala npasok sa mail ko? can someone help me top solve this. ty po…

    1. Hi jam 🙂

      i suggest Ring Smart Customer Care – they can help you with forgotten password issues 🙂

      thank you 🙂

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