The Unboxing: Canon EOS 40D

I’ve always been a fan of those “unboxing” features in gadget sites like Engadget, Gizmodo, and so on. Canon 40DAnd I think I’m not alone here. There’s even an entire site devoted to unboxing called It’s odd that this has become such a popular genre — even if it’s just an ordinarily mundane subject of opening a darn box to get at the gadget within. Maybe it brings back memories of opening gifts at Christmastime. Or people love to live life vicariously through gadget blogs. The Register has gone on record as referring to the phenomenon of unboxing as a form of geek porn.

It was my birthday just last week, and in what might undoubtedly be one of the most memorable mornings ever, I woke up that day and walked into the kitchen and saw a Canon EOS 40D box just sitting there. Apparently, Chette had an earful of my litanies about getting a new DSLR body for months now and decided to take matters into her own hands. I had been surviving with an EOS 300D for four years now, and had been lusting for a more modern camera, preferably in the “prosumer” class.

So there I was, shocked to see this new toy before me. And what’s the first thing I wanted to do right there and then? Yup, shoot an unboxing.

So out came my old trusy Rebel. I clamped a 10-22mm wide angle zoom on it, put on a 580EX flash with a Gary Fong lightsphere diffuser. And away we went.

1. Surprise!


2. Unribboned.


3. Opened!


4. Mmm, software.


5. mmmmanuals.


6. The whole kit n’ caboodle

7. Arrrrrr, booty.


8. Another view

another view

9. Ta-da!


8 thoughts on “The Unboxing: Canon EOS 40D

  1. Whew! what a toy! If I have one, i might forget my wife for that day! hehehe. Why are there so many gadget geek guys huh? and I am one of those. How I love to have a real DSLR. Right now, im using Olympus SP510-UZ.
    Just bought a new laptop first and PLDT weroam this year. Next target >> a new Nikon DSLR!

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