Sandwich powers up the new Smart Bro Plug It Prepaid commercial


Photo: Mike Dizon, Myrene Academia, Raimund Marasigan, Diego Castillo, and Mong Alcaraz, known collectively as <S>andwich, pose as a plane divides the sky.

Depending on your preference, Sandwich can refer to two slices of bread with some meat or peanut butter in the middle, the Earl of Sandwich, or a band put up way back in 1998 by ex-Eraserheads drummer Raimund Marasigan and some friends from the outrageously-named band known as the Aga Muhlach Experience.

But just last Sunday, <S>andwich (the band, not the tasty snack) powered up the jingle for the new tv commercial for Smart Bro’s Plug It Prepaid, debuting on ASAP with a live in-studio performance.

Copiously adapted from their previous album’s hit single “Sugod”, Raimund, Myrene, Diego, Mike, and Mong bashed out the jingle dedicated to all the power and the glory of mobile broadband. Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga are somewhere in there as well. (Hopefully this further contributes to the continued mainstream-ization of the mobile Internet!)

And here’s the video:

7 thoughts on “Sandwich powers up the new Smart Bro Plug It Prepaid commercial

  1. @Arnold – Well I guess we’ll need to wait for hsdpa modem manufacturers like ZTE, Huawei to drop their prices below $100 for an “emerging market” model, or wait for a better dollar forex rate. As a prepaid service there’s not much subsidy involved, unlike the modem you get with a postpaid service. (The postpaid version is just a P2000 shellout, with a contract).

    The ZTE modem that comes with PlugIt sells for about $108. That’s still pretty cheap compared to a Huawei E220 that costs around $320 online.

  2. @Technograph – well …. “don’t knock it till you’ve tried it” 🙂

    As I said, the modem is sold off the shelf and no contract so it doesn’t benefit from an operator subsidy that you normally get with a postpaid plan of any type (handset or modem or whuteva).

    It’s true that you can also get the LG KU250 as part of a Smart Buddy promo, where the bundle is advertised as an “Internet phone”. But as to “a better value” for connecting your laptop to the interwebs, take note that the ZTE MF622 modem is a much higher spec for slightly less money. The MF622 is an HSDPA modem that maxes out at 7.2 MBPS (according to this link here) , while the LG KU250 is a vanilla 3G/UMTS device that goes up to 384kbps.

    I’m not saying that you will get 7.2 mbps in the Philippines (I wish!) but if you’re within the range of a Smart HSDPA signal then you will take advantage of a speed boost.

    Obviously the most convenient arrangement is a laptop with built-in HSDPA but these are still pretty pricey at the moment. For the rest of us, HSDPA modems (whether these be in the form of USB devices, PCMCIA cards, stand alone HSDPA router/wi-fi contraptions) are the next best thing. Is it better than using a phone as a modem? Well your phone’s battery doesn’t drain, you get a full USB 2.0 connection (some phone cables will throttle the speed) and it frees it up for the more important aspect of calling, texting – or playing Sodoku.

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