Fukato Datacask: Oddly-named Teutonic eeepc competitor

fukato datacaskAs anyone who’s seen our Asus eeepc article can attest, we’re quite the rabid fans of that little beastie. But unlike the Apple corps, we’re not tied in to brand loyalty. Any similar device in this category – meaning, small, cheap, and Linux-powered – merits our rapt attention. Up on the blogosphere this morning is a lot of buzz about the oddly-named Fukato Datacask Jupiter 0817a, which despite its Asian name hails straight out of a company based in Potsdam, Germany.

Based on various reports, this tiny Teutonic bugger makes its case by combining a tiny footprint (22.8 x 16.4 x 3.5 centimeters) and low weight (1.1 KG) with an 8-inch 800×480 pixel display, 512 MB of RAM, an AMD Geode LX 800 processor, and bundled Linux OS. What sets this apart from the eeepc is choice of 20 or 60GB hard drives and the addition of a PCMCIA socket.

The hard drives aren’t there just for the pogi points. It turns out that hard disc storage is still considerably cheaper than the SSD (Solid State Drive) storage used sparingly in the eeepc and in ostentatious amounts in the Apple MacBook Air.

This move has managed to keep costs down, and Fukato plans to sell this in Europe starting this May for 279 Euros.

Rounding up the connectivity options are 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, 10/100 ethernet, PCMCIA, VGA, two USB 2.0 ports and a card reader for SD/MS/MMC memory cards.

Hope to see more products from Fukato coming to Asia for a change. And if anyone wants to discuss this newish trend of European companies disguising themselves as Asian players (a reversal of fortune from the days when Japanese companies had to disguise their roots by coming up with names like Sony and Panasonic), I’m game for that too.

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