No More Online Orgasms!

people's tonightIt’s common knowledge that banner red headlines always sell papers, but the big red one in today’s edition of the tabloid People’s Tonight really caught my attention. (please divert your eves to the photo on the right). On the basis of this headline alone, I’d give this tabloid an “A” for “Audacity.”

It’s always interesting to see the online world featured in some mainstream publication, even something bordering on the loonie fringe like People’s Tonight. It’s true that we’ve had a bit of an overdose with the whole Brian Gorell/DJ Montano/Gucci Gang blog mania going so far as being featured in the Inquirer (well yeah, the better to stick it to Philippine Star with). But nothing beats a tabloid for exposing Internet sleaze.

This time, we see Loren Legarda putting on her crusading cape to once again save our morals from the perils of Internet porn. A few months back, the cause celebre was and she lost no time in having the webmaster thrown straight into the slammer.

The target at the moment is – a video site that bills itself as “The Ultimate Reality Site – Join the Fastest Growing Filipino Online Community!”

I checked out the site the day I saw the People’s Tonight headline, and it seemed innocent enough – the front page showed a wholesome photo of smiling girls on a couch eating popcorn on their login page. There were no videos shown at the time.

Evidently some bandwidth problems left the full nature of the site masked, because just a day after my original blog posting, Ken Ilio of Tanikalang Ginto fame left me a comment (see the comments section below) that gave me one of those red-faced WTF moments! Seems that when the front page fully loads, it shows a random video and whole list of videos that – well, are anything but wholesome, unless we exist in a parallel universe.

Which explained the concern of the whistle-blower to the crusading Legarda:

MADAM Loren, I want to bring to your attention a website I stumbled upon, showing sex videos of Filipino kids obviously catering to pedophiles. I was alarmed and scandalized by what I saw at, including a lewd video of a girl who was even in primary school uniform. I am hoping that you will be able to have this website closed down.”

Looks like Loren is hot on the case, though I wonder if this exercise will prove to be a bit like the story of the Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke. Or dijk, to use the proper Dutch spelling.

The Internet is one big red light district, and unless you manage to erect a gigantic firewall around our country (no doubt a few loans from China will do the trick), this is going to be a never ending crusade. Always makes good publicity though.

Here’s the full sized photo of that tabloid page:

2 thoughts on “No More Online Orgasms!

  1. While I am with you re: Legarda’s crusades, I do have a problem with the pinoytube site though. There is no protection for minors who happen to stumble upon the site or for people who live in areas where such sites are illegal. The teaser video (which I think you failed to mention) right on the front page is hardcore porn for everyone to see. There is no opt out page or warning page that the site contains porn. Every porn site I’ve see contains this warning page before you enter the site but not this one. While I don’t really know much about the legality of these issues, common sense dictates that there is some liability involved here especially concerning minors and they’re opening not only themselves but also their provider to being shut down especially that they are housed in the US where laws regarding porn is very strict. Either the operators are plain dumb or they are really trying to buck the system. And as for the kiddie porn argument, there is no disclaimer that the persons depicted are over 18 (or 21) years of age, so who knows?

  2. Hi Ken! Y’know, the first time I clicked on the site, the front page that loaded ended with the wholesome popcorn photo but didn’t go on to show the random video or the list of videos available (maybe at the time the site was dealing with a boost of incoming traffic due to the People’s Tonight article). So checking it now right after reading your comment was – whew, quite a surprise!!

    But you’re right, the first video seen is rather explicit and in-your-face, no warnings put up whatsoever. If this is a Philippine-based operation, I don’t think it’ll last very long, but if it’s overseas-based, the NBI might have some difficulty shutting it down.

    Where are the ads though? The site must be so new, the operator hadn’t even had a chance to monetize it yet!

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