It’s a bird! it’s a plane! Hell no, it’s Super 3G!

SuperPicked up on our radar via Engadget is this little news item from NTT DoCoMo, the same folks that brought us i-Mode. If you’re one of those speed demons who always believed that 3G squeaked by a little too slowly at a piddling 384 Kbps, and even HSDPA’s maximum downlink of 14 Mbps still represents life in the slow lane, then boy, have we got news for you.

NTT has just successfully completed outdoor tests of “Super 3G”. Though aiming for a maximum downlink of 300 Mbps, the tests achieved a whopping 250 Mbps. Not quite the target, but still very close, in our opinion. It’s impressive enough of an achievement so we’d say that they win the virtual cigar for this round. Here’s the official news release on the matter.

Why the “Super 3G” monicker, not “4G”? Turns out that this is the last hurrah for the 3G spectrum, after which we enter the brave new world of the 4G spectrum — which we believe will then require expensive new licenses, generating a windfall for the FCCs and NTCs of the world. Super 3G and 4G themselves are considered part of the GSM Long Term Evolution protocol, commonly known as LTE.

This little chart from NTT describes the 3G roadmap in a neat package:


Will Filipinos ever experience these breathtaking wireless broadband speeds? This could be something we might be seeing from the PLDT/SMART group in a few years. In a recent statement, PLDT and Smart prez (he wears two hats, y’see) Napoleon Nazareno noted a preference for LTE over the likes of say, WiMAX. See this link for that news item.

The fact that NTT just happens to owns a chunk of PLDT makes the stated preference for LTE quite logical. It looks like Super 3G will be an option in our menu of broadband alternatives in a few years. 300 Mbps here we come, yee-hah!

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